In my theater productions, I always try to explore various approaches to the different aspects of play production. In one particular production more than a decade ago, "Tonyo/Pepe" (1998), two one-act plays on the lives of Antonio Luna and Jose Rizal, to have a dynamic scenery, I used an overhead projector to project images on the backdrop, so the scenery changed as the story unfolded. Eventually, the technology evolved and I began using an LCD projector which enabled me to project videos instead of static images. In another production, the musical "Pangarap" I experimented with live action interacting with videos projected in the background. While I have been exposed to the medium much earlier, primarily as an actor, these experimentations led me to get into videography/filmmaking - event documentation, music videos, documentaries, etc.

I hope to be able to write/produce/direct my first full-length film in the near future.

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