In 1999, I was commissioned by a shelter for abused children in Baguio to write a play, and I wrote my very first play, "Taguan, Habulan, Patintero," a triptych of one-act plays on children's rights. In 2001, I wrote my first full-length play, "Pangarap," a musical on the life of Fernando G. Bautista, founder of the University of Baguio. Another play followed the following year, "Manifest Destiny," loosely based on the life of "the other Rizal," Paciano.

    In 2002, I was invited to share a column with fellow members of the short-lived artists' collective, Fisheye Art Projects, in the now defunct Skyland News. Eventually, I was given my own column in that paper, which I entitled "Out in the Open."

    In 2007, I was once again invited by another Baguio-based weekly newspaper, Cordillera Today, to be a columnist. Initially, I named my column "Session Road Blues"  as my articles usually touched on life in Baguio City. But as my articles became more and more diverse, I decided to revert back to my old column title, "Out in the Open," which is also the title of my blog (to visit the blog, click HERE).


    (This page is still under construction. Eventually, I'll be posting  articles and excerpts from my plays on this page. Thank you for visiting.)

                   CURRENT PROJECTS  

 "RYE" (working title) - a biography

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